From small companies to large corporations, keeping your documents out of the wrong hands should always be a priority. Without your knowledge, your Columbia, Maryland, company may be at risk from improper disposal techniques of important documents and paperwork. The smallest information can lead to fraud and other costly errors affecting your daily running of your business.

We understand your desire to keep your company’s information safe at all times. Your company’s reputation for providing safe, secure transactions can be instantly ruined without the proper disposal techniques in place. At Chesapeake Paper Systems, we can help you dispose of important documents and paperwork through our advanced shredding system.

Reasons to Shred Documents

Our professional staff can shred your company’s documents in your presence to ensure secure and safe disposal. Disposing of outdated documents can free up space within your company. Old bank statements, credit card receipts, tax returns, and employee pay stubs are only a partial list of your company’s important documents. If you are still unsure about the reasons to hire our professional staff to shred your paperwork, consider these three reasons.

1. Protection from Identity Theft

Shredding documents by our professional service will provide protection from identity theft. When the documents are still on your company’s premises, you provide secure storage in a specific location. The security of the documents should extend to the proper disposal technique.

2. Protects Your Company’s Clients

The completely shredded documents will protect your clients or customers’ personal information. Information containing contact details, customer credit card transactions, and other pertinent details should be secure at all times. A company’s reputation can be ruined with leaked information affecting your profits.

3. Protects Your Employees

Our professional shredding process provides privacy for your employees. Contact details, employee files, health records and other related employee information are always stored securely in your business. Your employees deserve peace of mind knowing their personal information will be discarded in the same secure manner.

If you would like more information on properly disposing of your company’s documents in the Columbia, Maryland area, please call us. Our professional staff here at Chesapeake Paper Systems will be more than happy to answer all your questions. We can provide you with a free quote on the disposal of the extra paperwork in your business.