Today, information and identity theft have become so rampant because malicious individuals have access to high tech gadgets which they use to hack and exploit people. This is why the issue of document and files disposal is of great concern. The moment you just dispose off your companies documents or files without properly destructing them, malicious individuals can gain access to confidential information such as client and employee financial records. To safeguard your company’s confidential information in Rockville MD, we offer you;

Professional document shredding services

A high percentage of your company’s confidential information is on written documents. This information includes employee and client details, records, financial information, sale receipts and payroll records among others. These documents hold sensitive information and have to be completely destroyed to avoid any information leakage.

As your number one service provider looking to help you safeguard your company’s confidential information, we offer you professional shredding services using our modern and highly advanced shredding trucks. Our team of highly professional staff makes scheduled or periodic trips to your firm and destroys the documents in your presence.  Call us for professional Rockville document shredding.

Destroying your electronic files

Today, many firms mostly store their information in electronic files such as hard drives. These files are also as vulnerable to data theft as documents are. Erasing the data on them does not guarantee that hackers will not be able to retrieve information from them. The only guaranteed way of protecting your confidential information is completely destroying data.

We have highly advanced destruction trucks that enable us carry out the destruction of your hard drives reliably and safely. We are also a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), guaranteeing that we are certified and licensed professionals in information destruction.

Secure and highly organized records storage

Our records storage service aims at saving and freeing up dormant office space at your company. Renting office space can be expensive and putting this space to dormant use through record storage can be unprofitable for your business.

Our service entails storing your records in a secure space, and in an organized manner. We do bar-coding and indexing to ensure your records are easily retrieved when needed. Our store also has fire detection and suppression systems to ensure your records are well protected.

Contact us today and enjoy all our services at the best rates.