Securely store your records

Office space is expensive, and the rent you pay to house boxes and file cabinets can be put to more profitable use. Self-storage facilities are costly and YOU have to manage the boxes in the unit. Other records centers lock you into contracts with ridiculous fees to get YOUR boxes back. They raise your price every year and their customer service is often unreliable.

Chesapeake is different. We help you organize your records so you know what you have. It’s then OUR job to find what you need. Your records are indexed and barcoded to ensure efficient tracking and retrieval. Our facility is equipped with the latest fire detection and suppression systems, is protected by a state of the art security system, and is under 24 hour video surveillance.

No more trips to the self-storage unit, no more complicated storage and activity bills. It’s simple – your boxes and files will be securely stored in our records center and you only pay for the space you need. You’ll have more office space and we never forget that these are YOUR records. Contact us today to see how Chesapeake can improve efficiency and save you money!