Chesapeake Paper Systems understands keeping paper documentation of the daily running of any business is essential. Under some circumstances, saving records from human resources, contracts, tax information or other forms of confidential data may be a legal requirement for your company. As your business expands, filing cabinets and storage boxes begin to fill up your extra office space.

Chesapeake Paper Systems is available to help you free up your current storage space by offering secure storage solutions. The extra room may actually be a cost effective solution. Expanding office space may increase client relations. Adding to the current floor space may add in forming new business endeavors. In other situation, the removal of storage boxes may actually bring in extra revenue for your company.

Why Use Off-Site Storage?

Along with freeing up office space, every Laurel, Maryland business has different reasons for making the final decision to store records off-site.


Storing records off-site adds an extra layer of security to your confidential documents. When a business has files in boxes or cabinets, the risk of exposing data is possible. Our facility is under 24-hour video surveillance to ensure your records are safe. If an employee fails to return a document, your company may be liable for the information falling into the wrong hands. Off-site storage improves document management.

Prioritize Data

Document management improves with prioritizing the data. Before sending documents to our off-site storage facility, the company’s owner or supervisor will need to analyze the documents. The reviewing process allows your company to keep relevant paperwork readily available. Moving the outdated paperwork off-site allows the most accurate information in the office. In our off-site storage unit, Chesapeake Paper Systems carefully indexes and barcodes all your records.

Increases Office Efficiency

Our indexing and barcoding system increases office efficiency. Many company owners or supervisors believe keeping paperwork on-site is more convenient. Our system actually increases the speed in finding a document. An employee will not need to spend extra time searching through cabinets or unmarked storage boxes for valuable paperwork. The efficient tracking of the recorded indexed and barcode records allows for easy and efficient retrieval.

Every business understands the value of time. Easy accessing outdated files improves efficiency in various areas of the business. An employee who can retrieve documentation may improve customer service or aid in legal issues. Misplaced or mislabeled files may require an employee extra hours searching without success. Without finding the needed documentation, the company may lose money.

Chesapeake Paper Systems wants to help in organizing your company’s records. We will securely store all your records. Offering state of the art security system, we provide 24-hour video surveillance to give your peace of mind. Keeping your records secure is our priority. Along with video surveillance, our storage facilities are fully equipped with the latest fire detection and suppression equipment. We strive to keep your documents safe at all times.

If you would like more information on how Chesapeake off-site storage options, please contact us today. Our highly trained customer service representatives are available to take your phone call. Or if you would prefer, you may fill out the contact us form. We will contact you in a prompt manner. Paying for only the storage your company needs, Chesapeake Paper Systems want to help improve efficiency while saving your company money.