Even with all the advances in modern technology, companies still rely on the paper documentation to record vital information. Chesapeake Paper Systems understands collecting medical records, customer financial information or other forms of data is a normal part of running any type of Laurel, Maryland office. Paper files offer a vital service in caring for patients or meeting customer demands. Our goal is to provide you with on-site document shredding to secure your sensitive information.

Importance of Document Shredding

As a company owner or administrator, you may be wondering why to hire us for your document shredding needs. The importance of professional document shredding company goes beyond the desire to free up valuable work space. The most vital components of document shredding are secure disposal of valuable information.

Security of Client’s Personal Data

Our team provides you with a secure option of disposing of sensitive information. We take pride in our accomplishment of being a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) which enables us to help your company comply with state and federal laws. Our knowledge allows for compliance in HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley laws and regulations. Shredding documents to secure private information is a legal obligation. Our document shredding process provides customers, clients and patients peace of mind.

Security of Business

Along with securing your clients’ personal data, document shredding provides your company with security. In the wrong hands, the smallest amount of business data may result in a breach of security. In the wrong hands, the smallest amount of information may lead to legal issues creating the loss of time and money.

We Recycle

Another component to consider on the reasons to hire us for document shredding is our efforts to recycle. Everyone wants to do their part for the environment. By using Chesapeake Paper Systems for your document shredding needs, your company automatically becomes a part of the environmental saving efforts. Recycling paper saves trees, water, and oil. Our efforts reduce the unnecessary waste in landfills which has a direct impact on local wildlife. We want to ensure your our efforts for being environmentally friendly is ongoing.

Depending on the amount of document shredding needed, we can offer regular daily, weekly, or monthly visits. Our highly trained Chesapeake Paper Systems personnel provide secure transfer of your onsite containers to our state of the art mobile shredding truck. The truck is fully equipped with cameras to monitor each step of the process to ensure security of your sensitive documents.

Along with ability to shred documents, our highly trained team can securely handle and destroy electronic devices. We have the capability to efficiently and effectively destroy hard drives, back-up devices, zip drives, CD’s and DVD’s, Smartphones or other forms of handheld devices. Unused equipment with vital data is a security risk; we offer complete on-site destruction in about 6 seconds. We provide you with serial numbers of the hard drives for your records.

If you would like more information on our document shredding services please contact us, Chesapeake Paper Systems customer service representatives are available to answer your questions. Or you may simply fill out the contact us form. We are more than happy to provide your Laurel, Maryland business with a free quote of our vital document shredding services.