Gathering data is an integral part of the running any size of business. Logging information on computers, laptops, or handheld devices may provide your company with the resources to effectively run your business on a daily basis. Along with the technological devices, preparing paper documentation may be a crucial aspect of customer service, patient relations or files pertaining to employees.

Over time, updating information may leave previously gathered data vulnerable to security breaches. When information falls into the wrong hands, your company’s reputation is at risk. In Laurel, Maryland area, Chesapeake Paper Systems will provide your company with a safe and secure disposal of all forms of vital information. Effectively disposing of paper documents or hard drives may save you time and money later. The disposal also greatly reduces the risk of legal issues due to the leaking of confidential information.

Document Shredding

Shredding paper documents allow your company to dispose of confidential information in an effective and efficient manner. Providing securely locked containers, the documents are directly transferred from your company to our shredding trucks. Keeping your documents secure is our goal. The placement of the containers is part of our service. We do not charge you for the locked consoles.

Educating employees on the types of documentation to shred is crucial to reducing the risk of exposing confidential data. An example of documents includes any paperwork with contact details, social security numbers, banking information, employee identification details, and so on. When in doubt, directing employees to shred the documents is safer than throwing the uncertain data into a trash bin.

Data Destruction

Along with shredding documents, we offer data destruction. Our highly industrial Chesapeake mobile truck will securely destroy hard drives. Simply erasing or destroying hard drives is not sufficient for deleting data. Destroying the hard drive guarantees your company’s client, employees, and financial records are unrecoverable.

Our advanced data destruction unit will easily handle hard drives, backup discs or tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, Smartphones or other mobile devices. Chesapeake’s experts begin by recording all the serial numbers for your records. Completely destroying your company’s hard drives occurs in less than six seconds. Ensuring complete data destruction, we welcome you to watch the mobile unit in motion.

Records Storage and Management

Shredding and destroying documents are only two of our services. Chesapeake also provides record storage and management. Storing your company’s information may decrease the amount of office space. Freeing up office or business space provides you with the opportunity to expand your daily procedures. The smallest space may yield larger returns than storage of outdated documents.

Renting or purchasing self-storage units requires you or another employee to take the time to log and manage each box. Chesapeake will help in organizing your data for storage in our records center. Each record is indexed and barcoded to provide your company with all the necessary data for tracking. When needed, our efficient tracking system allows for easy retrieval of valuable documents. We securely monitor our storage units with video surveillance, fire detection and suppressions systems to ease your worries.

If you would like more information or a free quote concerning our Chesapeake Paper Systems services, please contact us. Our highly trained customer services representatives are available to answer your questions concerning the importance of document shredding, data destruction or efficient storage of records. If you would prefer, you may fill out the contact us form. We will return your call in a prompt manner.