Properly handling discarded documents is your company’s obligation to your clients, customers or patients. In today’s world, the smallest piece of sensitive information can lead to fraud, identity theft, and other negative consequences. In Hunt Valley, Maryland, Chesapeake Paper Systems is a trusted source for safeguarding your company’s delicate information.

Why Use Chesapeake Paper Systems for Shredding Documents?

As a company owner or CEO, handling all the daily operations is a normal part of the business. We applaud you for a job well done. Helping you continue your efficient handling of the business is our goal. Chesapeake Paper Systems has a reputation for prompt, friendly professional service for all of your Hunt Valley, Maryland paper shredding needs.

Reduces Your Company’s Risks

Hiring a reputable document shredder reduces your company’s risk. Chesapeake Paper Systems is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We take pride in the secure handling of all of your sensitive data. Staying in compliance with state and federal laws, our professional team follows all of the HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines for proper disposal of sensitive materials. The accidental exposure of your company’s critical paperwork leaves you open to legal costs and a damaged reputation. We want to help you reduce your risks.

Cost Effective Solution

Our Chesapeake Paper Systems shredding process includes the installation of locked consoles within your company. Placing the secure consoles allows your employees to securely discard confidential documents within seconds. The process eliminates the need for your Hunt Valley, Maryland employees to stand at an in-house paper shredder to dispose of documents. The cost effective solution allows your employees to proceed with the daily operations of the business.

Along with saving money, the elimination of in-house paper shredding is another way to reduce risks. An employee may accidently leave a sensitive document out in the open for others to view or discard in an improper manner. By setting guidelines for placing all sensitive documents into the consoles, eliminates the need for employees to remove staples or paper clips to run through an in-house shredder. Our highly effective equipment does not need an employee to waste valuable time removing extras. Our highly-trained Chesapeake Paper Systems drivers will arrive at your company on a predetermined scheduled date to securely shred the contents of the locked consoles.

Fast On-Site Service

After the leaving the building to transfer the locked consoles into the state of the art mobile shredding unit, the completion of the process takes minutes. We shred the documents on-site and if you prefer within your presence. Our top of the line mobile units has the ability to shred 4,500 pounds of paper an hour. All of the mobile shredding units have cameras to monitor each step of the document shredding process. Chesapeake Paper Systems wants to ensure your sensitive data is secure at all times.

Our discreet, professional team is available for regularly scheduled visits or periodic purge services. Leading the competition to for secure document shredding in Hunt Valley, Maryland, we are available for daily, weekly, monthly or as needed basis for your company’s convenience.

Chesapeake Paper Systems is proud to work with your company to reduce the risk of exposing sensitive documents. Along with our premium paper shredding services, our professional team has the extensive knowledge to properly discard hard drives, mobile phones and other electronic data storing devices.

If you would like any more information on our high-quality Hunt Valley, Maryland paper shredding or data destroying services, please contact us today. Offering free quotes, Chesapeake Paper Systems wants to help you keep your company’s data safe.