For compliance purposes, and for obvious reasons—to avoid a disastrous security breach, which could result in liability issues, identity theft and more nightmares, your business practices in document shredding. All of this could occur in the event of “dumpster diving.” Yes, people really do dumpster dive in search of sensitive data to replicate—typically for identity theft purposes.


How often your business should shred is dependent upon your shredding needs. All of this will be determined when you speak with a professional Chesapeake Paper Systems expert to determine just how often you’ll require on-site Gaithersburg Maryland document shredding.


Qualified to Handle Sensitive Documentation


Chesapeake Paper Systems is trusted NAID member, also known as National Association for Information Destruction. Utilizing state-of-the-art mobile equipment, we’ll ensure the secure shredding of all sensitive information on-site.


This includes financial documentation, sensitive employee data, customer/client information, and more. And we completely understand if you prefer to supervise during the shredding process. Our company is trusted, dependable, and 100% competent to handle the task at hand, helping to ensure that your business remains in complete compliance with local, state, and federal regulators.


Our trucks feature security cameras for additional protection of your sensitive data, and have the capability to remove and shred an astounding 4,500 pounds of sensitive documentation in just one hour. Again, how often we shred is up to you and your personal needs. We can shred once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. When you speak with one of our representative s to go over your personal shredding needs, we’ll establish a plan of action that works for the needs of your business.


How does it work?


At no charge to you, we’ll leave a highly-secure, locked console in your place of business. When it’s time to shred, we’ll remove the console, take it to our mobile shredding truck and shred within just minutes of departure from the building. It’s that easy and that quick—hassle-free, secure shredding.


To learn more or to start shredding, contact us today for a Gaithersburg Maryland document shredding quote!