Living in a digital age where it’s becoming increasingly common to transition from paper recordkeeping to digital recordkeeping, one must know how to purge exiled data—data that has been deleted from your documents, from emails, from software programs and sent on through to the recycling bin. From the recycling bin, you again purged the data and hit delete. Tada, done, right?


No, not so fast—you’re not done. All of that sensitive company, employee, client, patient, information is still stored on your hard drive. The only sure fire way to avoid a security breach when attempting to purge digital records or any type of digital data is with data destruction. And if you’re in need of Gaithersburg Maryland data destruction we can help!


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If you’ve been deleting sensitive data for quite some time and thought that you were doing all that you could to protect this information, you may feel like you’ve been duped. The good news is, you caught it before a breach and now you know.


You wouldn’t just throw away paper documents without shredding, so the same concept applies to digital data. This sensitive information must be destroyed—not just deleted.


The only way to destroy sensitive data is to destroy the hard drive—really. It’s not enough to erase the hard drive. It must be destroyed. This is the only method of data destruction that will ensure the impossibility of data recovery.


On-Site Data Destruction


To make your life easy and to provide peace of mind, we can perform on-site Gaithersburg Maryland data destruction. The data destruction process can be completed in just seconds. But prior to getting started, we’ll make sure that we’ve recorded the hard drive serial numbers for recordkeeping purposes.


As a proud National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) member, our data destruction process helps to keep business owners and other entities in full-compliance of federal, state, and local regulations regarding the destruction of sensitive data.


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