Chesapeake Paper Systems provides data destruction services for business and corporations all across Frederick, Maryland. A company’s data security is crucial in protecting the identity and integrity of its clients and employees. Data that has not been permanently eliminated before the disposal of the media is often vulnerable to exposure. Protect your business with a secure and verified data destruction service.


At Chesapeake Paper Systems, we specialize in the complete destruction of hard drives, disk, media tapes, flash memory, integrated circuits, DVDs, CDs and other computer equipment. Erasing or degaussing of hard drives does not guarantee that the data is irrecoverable. The only sure way to get rid of sensitive information from your hard drives is through a physical hard drive destruction. As a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction), partnering with us ensures that you comply with industry regulations like including HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley. We are happy to provide our clients with secure, professional and reliable services at competitive pricing for the best service that will provide maximum satisfaction.


At Your Location and Convenience
We offer a variety of data destruction services tailored to fit your business requirements and needs. We offer both on-site and off-site shredding services to our clients in Frederick. Upon contact, we dispatch a team of professional technicians to your location in a timely and convenient manner. Our mobile shredding trucks come equipped with the latest hard drive destruction technology and ultimately destroy all hard drives at your premises for an extra level of assurance. For off-site data shredding services, your electronic devices will be safely transported to our facility by our GPS-enable trucks and the whole process will be monitored by a video surveillance system that ensures complete security of your materials. We only shred after recording all the details of the media including serial numbers, manufacturers and model numbers. A certificate of destruction will be issued upon completion as a proof of compliance. The resulting residual is recycled in a responsible and compliant manner for a clean and sustainable environment.


Chesapeake understands that every business has its unique data destruction needs. We customize our services to meet each business demands and requirements. Whether you have a periodic purge of old outdated hard drives or want to schedule a regular service, Chesapeake will be there to shred all materials in a safe and secure manner that ensures your sensitive information does not end up in the wrong hands. Our friendly technicians will develop a customized plan that will help to meets your organization needs and eliminate all associated risks of IT disposal.


When selecting a data destruction service provider, it is important to entrust the services of a reputable company that has set a track record of delivering on its promises. We have provided lasting data security solutions to our clients over the years and have forged a solid working relationship with those that have come to depend on us for quality and secure services.


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If you are in search of a trusted IT support company for your data destruction needs, Chesapeake Paper Systems – Frederick is your go to provider. We will help you eliminate all risks of data theft and legal liability so you can stay on top of your business without any worry. Contact us for a no obligation quote and get your questions answered by one of our knowledgeable staff.