Have you ever asked yourself if someone can legally dig through your trash and collect any tasty credit card receipts, account numbers, or social security number you may have thrown there? Well, if you are asking yourself that now, know that the U.S Supreme Court implies the answer is YES. In other words, if you throw something in the dumpster and someone else is willing to withstand the disgusting smells there, they can draw documents with crucial information and use them for their self gain.

This is very risky for any business whatsoever and hence our provision of professional shredding services Columbia Maryland. It is your responsibility to safeguard your company’s information through proper disposal of confidential documents. The moment you poorly dispose of customer, supplier, or employee confidential information is the moment your company loses trust and reputation in the market. Imagine the identity theft of your customers and employees being stolen because you improperly handled their information.

Shredding is our expertise

We strive to take the burden of disposing your sensitive documents safely from your shoulders. With us, you can rest assured that all your confidential information, no matter how large it is, is safely disposed off in a timely manner. We are a licensed organization and a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, hence working with us guarantees you of compliance with all state and federal laws regarding disposal.

Our staff helps to draw up a plan that can work with your organization depending on its shredding needs. We can therefore make scheduled visits of say twice a week, once a month, or so as you may request. We have in place very professional staff that works tirelessly to ensure your documents are securely disposed. They will come with the shredding trucks and move the documents from your containers and in to the trucks for shredding; under your watch if you prefer. Our shredding trucks are fast and can handle large loads of paper at a time for a quick job.

The great importance for shredding

Documents such as sale receipts, confidential client information, personnel payroll records and credit cards carry very sensitive information. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can be manipulated at the expense of the customer, client or employee causing them financial or prestige loss.

Identity theft has been so rampant today especially through computer hacking and online services. However, the biggest source of information for any identity theft still remains to be hard copy sources. Therefore, the best way to safeguard such information in Columbia Maryland is by shredding confidential documents and recycling them to conserve the environment.

Contact us today for a taste of our professional service as we strive to help you safeguard your company’s privacy.