As a business owner, safeguarding your company’s information should be among one of your core values and practices. It helps build trust with your clients, suppliers, and even employees. It is essential that confidential information such as customer and employee records do not get to the wrong hands especially in this age of high tech hacking gadgets. In the wrong hands, confidential records such as financial records can be used to exploit the owners. We have therefore designed services to safeguard your company’s information in the Columbia MD area, which entails;

Professional document shredding

Documents make up the highest percentage of the risk area for information theft by malicious individuals. Documents such as customer lists, sale receipts, employee payrolls, credit card information, and even company financial records hold very sensitive information. Therefore, it is only safe if these documents are completely destroyed by shredding every last one of them.

With our very advanced mobile shredding trucks, we aim at offering you secure and fast document shredding services any time you want. Our very friendly staff will help you develop a periodic or instantaneous plan for effective service delivery.

Destruction of Electronic files

Confidential information stored on electronic files such as hard drives is also highly vulnerable to information theft. These are especially more prone to data theft by black hackers who can use the information they find to exploit the owners for financial gain. Erasing the information from the hard drives is not a way to guarantee that the information won’t be reconstructed. Therefore, the only safest way to securely dispose off the sensitive information is by data destruction.

We use our tracks to crush all these storage units to pieces, ensuring that no information can be reconstructed from them.

Offering Secure and Organized Records storage

We understand that renting office space can be quite expensive. Having a storage unit for your records will not only take up most of these precious space, but will also reduce your operational space.

Our storage services give you the opportunity to have your records safely and well stored. We index and bar-code all records to make them easily accessible when they are needed. Our facility is also well secured with 24/7 high-tech security systems. Fire detection and suppression systems are also present.

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Columbia Maryland document shredding