Chesapeake Paper System provides companies a populated area to grow and expand. As a company owner or manager, you are responsible for safeguarding all the sensitive data pertaining to the daily operations of the business. The advancement in technology allows for a reduction in the paper usage. However, paper documentation still exists. Sensitive documents in the wrong hands could cost your company time and legal issues.

Aiding in your protecting all your reputation for the safe handling of sensitive documents is Chesapeake Paper Systems. Our expert team will securely destroy all sensitive documents. Operating in your presence, our mobile shredding truck allows for the safe and secure destruction of your paper data. In Cockeysville, Maryland hiring our professional team guarantees safe disposal of valuable records.

Why Hire Our Chesapeake Team?

A company’s reputation is vital to continue service. Our team will help protect your reputation of securely handling sensitive material, including financial records, employee data, customer information and more.

  • Privacy Laws: Our highly trained experts adhere to all privacy laws of securely handling sensitive documents. Being a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) enables us to fully comply with all state and federal regulations regarding the destruction of documents. Along with our NAID membership, we partner and fully recognize the terms of HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Save Time: Our on-site mobile truck will come directly to your place of business. By offering both regularly scheduled visits and purge services, our professional team can arrive daily, weekly, monthly or as arranged by you. By allowing us to come to your place of business, your team does not have to spend time shredding materials. They can concentrate on the task at hand to provide excellent customer relations.
  • Security: At no extra charge, we provide highly secure, locked consoles for your office. Upon our arrival, we transfer your container directly to our mobile shredding truck. The document shredding process happens within minutes. You are welcome and encourage to watch our process each step of the way. Along with the mobile shredding process, our trucks are fully equipped with cameras to guarantee the proper handling of your materials to minimize the possibility of a data breach.
  • Provide Space: The storage of paper documentation requires additional office space. By shredding outdated and other non-essential documents, you will be able to use the space for other important ventures.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By partnering with our Cockeysville team, your company aids in protecting our environment. We securely recycle your shredded documents. By participating in the process, we help in saving trees, reduce water and oil usage. Your recycled documents return as usable materials, including copy paper, paper towels, packaging and other valuable products.

Along with providing secure shredding services for paper documents, our expert Chesapeake Paper System team is able to properly destroy numerous forms of electronic devices. Destroying hard drives, backup discs, CD’s, DVD’s, zip drives and other devices will allow your company to secure old data to prevent breaches. Prior to the 6-second destruction process, we provide serial numbers for your records.

In Cockeysville, Maryland, Chesapeake’s main goal is aiding you in keeping your company secure. We want to aid in the elimination of the possibility of a security breach. We understand that data in the wrong hands has negative consequences.

If you would like more information on our document destruction process or our other data destruction services, please contact us today. Our Chesapeake Paper Systems expert team will provide you with a free quote. Allowing you to concentrate on your business, our main goal is your data security.