Information is all powerful, persistent and can be hard to destroy. Paper documents are always the obvious targets. At Chesapeake Paper Systems we understand the importance of data privacy to our clients. When it comes to protecting the companies’ confidential information, you need more than just promises. This is why we offer a range of environmentally friendly services as part of our business solutions. They include;
Document shredding
With our years operating in the industry we have accumulated enough experience to deal with bulk shredding, efficiently and securely. We usually maintain a secure chain of custody to keep all your confidential materials protected. We offer our clients flexible custom service place at their own convenience. If you prefer, we can securely destroy all the sensitive information on sight in your presence. You can enjoy peace of mind that comes having convenient and efficient shredding services for your confidential information.
Our professional staff will make prompt visits on request. They then place secured and locked consoles in your office and your confidential information will be shredded moments after the consoles leave your building.
Records Storage and maintenance
Over time the paper records will start pilling up. As a company, you will be forced to create space for the records, some of which are not necessary or in use. You will end up paying rent for office space filled with boxes and records. This can prove to be an expensive affair since that money could have been invested in a more profitable venture hence growing your company. Record centers will charge you high fees if for any reason you need your records back, self-storage facilities will not only be a costly affair but also time consuming since you have to manage the boxes yourself. These systems are not only expensive but also inefficient.
We are different. We organize your records so you do not have to do it. To ensure efficiency when retrieving your documents, we use a barcoding and indexing system. You do not have to worry about the security of your documents, the area is under 24 hour surveillance. We have also equipped the storage area with the latest fire detection and suppression system.
You no longer need to pay obnoxious amounts for space that you do not need. Retrieving your documents will no longer be a stressful event. Let the professionals handle it all for you.
Data Destruction
We ensure total destruction of records and documents that your company does not need. Even though as a company you have a data destruction system in place, it might not be secure enough to protect every information you wish to discard. Putting your trust in us, you can be sure that all your sensitive documents and records are safely and completely destroyed. We will help you manage the life cycle of your documents so as to ensure compliance with your industry requirements.
Unused hard drives contain sensitive customer information that leaves you vulnerable. We have in place solutions that have been designed to meet all our clients’ complex needs. We offer shearing services that slices your entire hard drive into small pieces. This process completely destroys the drive platters mechanisms as well as electronic components making data unrecoverable. The parts are the recycled. All the materials we handle are recycled or disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner.
Our company’s success is attributed to our commitment to offering quality customer service to our clients. Protecting your confidential information is our utmost importance. We have built our reputation based on the reliability and security of our services. To be part of our team contact us today and have professionals so it right.