The collecting of data happens in almost every type of business or professional establishment. In many ways, the technological advancements for data storage help reduce the use of massive amounts of paper to record vital information. Reduction in paper use is a conscious decision to help eliminate waste and preserve the environment. Storing data on hard drives, backup tapes, CD’s and other forms of data storage is present in normal daily business operations.

Almost every type of business, medical facility or professional practice uses data to help build a connection with clients. Data records may hold valuable medical information on each patient’s progress through treatment, financial records, personal details, social security numbers or credit card information. The amount of collected data depends on the type of professional relationship a client has with a business. Consumers may be unaware of the amount of data in the company’s storage. Accidently, exposing your personal data may have a direct impact on your financial well-being.

The amount collected data trail is different for each type of Bowie, Maryland business. Many business owners do not realize electronic files can still create a security risk in the storage stage. Deleting data may be a necessary part of the process to keep accounts active and up to date. The simple process of erasing or degaussing the data are not an effective manner to ensure the elimination of the possibility of a security breach. The data is still vulnerable for security pitfalls.

Using a reputable Bowie Maryland data destruction company will effectively discard all the sensitive information from the chances of a security breach. As a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction), Chesapeake complies with state and federal laws for the proper destruction of the company’s data to an unrecoverable state. By destroying the data in an effective manner, each company can ensure clients, customers, vendors and employees their personal information is secure at all times.

In the mobile shredding trucks, the data destruction specialists will come directly to your business which eliminates the possibility of a security breach at the point of transfer. Chesapeake offers owners or associates the option to witness the complete data destruction to ensure the proper elimination. The process of Bowie Maryland data destruction occurs in approximately six seconds. The quick process allows you to witness the data destruction first hand with only minimal interruption to your business schedule. Prior to the destruction process, the specialists will record vital serial numbers to allow you to keep accurate records.

Along with the on-site destruction of data, Chesapeake can securely recycle your in-house shredded documents. By shredding documents, you are being responsible for your clients, customers, and employees information. Failure to dispose of vital documents in a secure manner may result in legal issues. Shredding documents is an effective process to eliminate the vulnerability of a security breach. The recycling effort promotes your business as being environmentally friendly.

For more information on Bowie Maryland data destruction process, please contact Chesapeake’s highly trained customer service associates. The customer service representative will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding the data destruction process of your hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, backup storage, and Smartphones. You may also simply fill out the contact us form. A trained associate will return your call in a timely manner to provide your business with a free quote. Exposing your customers or employees’ information may cost your business time and money to fix the preventable issue.