Almost on a daily basis, we hear different news reports about identity theft, the exposure of sensitive data or security breaches within a reputable company. The smallest amount of information in the wrong hands may lead to major legal issues for your clients, employees and your company.

Along with the legal issues, the security breach tarnishes your company’s reputation. In the Bowie, Maryland area, Chesapeake Paper Systems understands the need to protect your company’s data. We encourage all companies, no matter the size, to participate in the shredding of documents.

Why Shred Documents

The best way to protect your company’s information is through education and awareness of the risk of a security breach. By showing employees the need for shredding document, your company will be proactive in keeping a vulnerable data safe and secure. Shredding documents will securely destroy all sensitive customer and employee information.

Types of Documents to Shred

Implementing a document shredding policy will help your company secure vulnerable information. Discarding any type of sensitive documents in the trash bin is one of the easiest ways to expose your company’s information to unauthorized individuals. The smallest amount of data can cause identity theft and fraud.

Instructing employees to shred documents is the safest way to discard. Every company in the Bowie, Maryland area will produce unique types of documents directly related to the business. Consider the list as a starting point for your document shredding policy.

  • Tax, account, employee, and financial records
  • Credit card information, receipts, and statements
  • Outdated business, employee, proposals or budget records
  • Banks statements, loan applications, deposit slips, check copies and canceled checks
  • Legal contracts, records or documents
  • Projected business plans, proposals, invoices, advertising or marketing plans

Depending on your business, the list may also include medical records or charts. Implementing a document shredding policy to encompass all sensitive material may require input from employees and professionals in the field. Chesapeake paper systems can help your company identify the right type of documents to destroy. Our professional team is here to help you keep all your company’s sensitive information secure.

Environmentally Friendly

Along with securing vital data, shredding documents has other benefits to consider. The shredding process allows your company to free up valuable space previously used for storage of outdated documents. Shredding boxes of outdated documents may provide your company with extra office space or other types of room usage.

The best part of shredding documents is the environmentally friendly aspect. Every individual and company would like to do their part for the environment. Recycling shredding documents is a major part in contributing to the preservation of the environment. Chesapeake Paper Systems begins by securely recycling your shredded documents. The recycled material becomes copy paper, paper towels, and other consumer products. The act of recycling the shredded documents allows us to take responsibility for creating environmentally friendly products.

If you would like more information on the necessity for shredding documents in the Bowie Maryland, please contact us. Our highly trained, Chesapeake’s Paper Systems customer service associates will be more than happy to answer all your questions. If you would prefer, you may simply fill out the contact us form. One of our courteous, trained associates will return your call as soon as possible to provide your business with a free quote. Along with shredding documents, our company excels on the data destruction. We offer on-site data destruction of hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, Smartphones and other sources of data storage. Exposing your customers or employees information may create legal liability for your business. Save your company time and money by consistently being proactive with discarding sensitive material.