Doctor offices, small startups, professional organizations and large corporations all have one crucial aspect in common, the need to collect and store important information for the daily running of the business. Securing your company’s financial, advertising, and customer records are vital to your reputation. Customers, patients or clients need assurance their personal and financial information is safe at all times. In the Bel Air, Maryland area, Chesapeake is available to store or destroy your company’s documents.

Record Storage

Keeping detailed records may be a vital part of your business. Chesapeake offers organization and storage of your company’s records. With the state of the art storage facility, your records are under protection at all times. The facility can free up valuable space in your company to allow for other ventures. When needed, the special indexing and barcoding of your company’s records allow for fast and easy retrieval.

Document Shredding

Along with company storage, Chesapeake offers document shredding. Being part of the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) and complying with both state and federal laws, your company’s documents are always secure. Shredding documents on site with the option of your presence proves Chesapeake understands the sensitive nature of your company’s records.

Data Destruction

If your company’s data is primarily on electronic files, Chesapeake can help destroy your records securely. Offering complete data destruction, Chesapeake can destroy or erase important data from a variety of electronic devices including backup tapes, zip drives, hard drives, CD and DVD records, hard drives, and smartphones. Properly destroying or erasing the data helps in eliminating any type of security breach.

If you would like more information on how to keep your Bel Air, Maryland business secure, contact Chesapeake today. You can fill out the contact us request form, call or email. Chesapeake representatives are available to help you decide on the right type of data disposal or storage for your business.