Every day, companies collect and store data on a variety of electronic devices. The process helps with the elimination of the paper trail. The type of data is unique to each business or organization. For a retail establishment, the data may be part of each customer’s financial or purchasing preferences. The records may also contain credit card or other sensitive information. Doctor offices may have data on each patient’s health or treatment plan. The data trail holds endless possibilities with each type of Bel Air, Maryland business.

Simply erasing outdated data may not reduce the risk of your company experience a security breach. Bel Air Maryland data destruction eliminates the sensitive information in a secure, efficient manner. The Chesapeake’s mobile data destruction trucks will come right to your location. Disposing of the data securely will ensure your company does not experience any type of security breach.

Complying with state and federal laws for data destruction and a member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction), Chesapeake guarantees your data is completely unrecoverable. The Bel Air Maryland data destruction technique works in destroying your company’s electronic devices and storage. Hard drives, backup tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, and Smartphones are just a portion of the type of data destruction Chesapeake has to offer.

Chesapeake offers complete Bel Air Maryland data destruction within 6 seconds. The data destruction specialists will record serial numbers for your records prior to on-site destruction. As a manager or owner, you have the option to watch the data destruction unit at work.

The Chesapeake highly informed customer service representatives are available to answer any questions or concerns regarding your company’s data destruction. The trained associate can provide your organization with a free quote. Protecting unused data helps keep your company in good reputable standing with your customers and clients. A security breach can cost you money and time to repair.