Even with today’s technological advancements, companies still have a paper trail for payroll, employee files, client lists, credit card and contact information. Gathering sensitive information is part of normal daily procedures for running a business. As a business owner, concentrating on successfully running your business is your priority. Keeping documents from landing in insecure situations is our business.

Unaware of the potential risks, numerous documents get discarded in an unsafe manner. The problem with discarded paperwork arises at the time of disposal. In the wrong hands, sensitive information could lead to costly errors. In Annapolis, Maryland, hiring a professional to shred your company’s documents on-site will ensure the safe disposal of all important records.

Securing a Company’s Disposal of Data

Chesapeake Paper Systems’ highly trained professionals will work to keep your company’s data secure at the time of disposal. By complying with state and federal laws to ensure proper destruction of documents, your employees and customers’ personal information will be secure throughout the entire process.

Over time, paperwork begins to take up valuable space. Complying information, changing to digital storage or discarding outdated material is necessary for a clean workspace. The smallest information from a discarded document may be a potential risk to your company. Exposing your employees, clients, and company’s personal information can result in identity theft.

We can help safeguard your company by shredding important documents. Consider the following list when considering the proper disposal of paperwork.

  • Employee identification records, social security, and personal contact information
  • Employee pay stubs
  • Receipts from company sales
  • Credit card statements
  • Voided checks, bank and deposit statements
  • Customer contact information
  • Investment or stock transactions
  • Tax forms and tax returns
  • Company’s utility bills, including electricity, water, heat and garbage disposal
  • Outdated resumes from individuals who were not hired into the company
  • Applications for pre-approved company credit cards
  • Any item containing a signature

The list of potentially vulnerable information is ongoing. By hiring Chesapeake Paper Systems, we can help keep your Annapolis, Maryland business free from potential thieves. You will be able to trust our disposal methods. We will even shred your documents in your presence to help verify proper disposal.

Call us for a quote on shredding your company’s documents in a safe and secure manner. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions or concerns on the proper handling of your sensitive material at the time of disposal.