Protecting your company’s information is very vital. It can go a long way in creating and preserving your company’s information. If you are not able to safeguard you clients, employees, or even supplier’s information, they will lose trust in working with you or for you. It is therefore essential that you safely and securely dispose and destroy your confidential files. For businesses and residences of Annapolis Maryland, we have designed services to help you safeguard any of your company’s sensitive information by;

Destroying your documents by shredding

Documents such as employee payrolls, client receipts, sale receipts, credit card information, company financial details or company proprietary information contain sensitive information that needs to be securely disposed. If not properly disposed, malicious individuals can get hold of this information and use it to exploit the owners.

Our team of highly professional staff works out a plan with you on how they will effectively handle your document shredding. We have modern and highly advanced shredding trucks that visit your premises and shred all your waste documents under your watch; if you prefer. We guarantee a high level of professionalism and privacy in handling your documents. We are your trusted Annapolis document shredding company.

Completely destroying your electronic files

Most companies today store plenty of information in electronic devices such as hard drives. If your confidential information is stored in such files, it is important to note that they are just as vulnerable as paper documents are. Plus, erasing the sensitive information from them does not guarantee that malicious hackers can’t reconstruct the information and use it maliciously. The only safe way to go is total destruction of the files.  Call today for more info on our data destruction services.

We use our modern destruction trucks and experienced professionals to ensure we completely destroy these electronic files. And what more, the process is fast, secure, and very effective. We can later dispose off the waste with our trucks.

Secure and organized records storage

It is important that you clear up your office space and use it for productive operations. This is why we offer you a secure storage facility where you can bring your records for safe and organized keeping.

We index and do bar-coding to all your records for easy and fast retrieval when you need them. Our facility is also highly secured with 24/7 state-of –art security systems as well as fire suppression systems.

Call us today and experience our unrivaled professionalism!